Minute Maid Pulpy Orange

Under the umbrella brand Coca-Cola, Minute Maid Pulpy Orange is a fruit-based drink that had a presence in over 60 countries, was to be launched in India. To reinforce Coca-Cola's product innovativeness and market leadership, a high-decibel 360 degrees integrated communication plan was launched through TV and radio advertising, and experiential consumer contacts. This helped the brand sell more than one million cases in the Southern region alone, making the product one of the highest selling juice-based drinks.


Pizza Hut

KFCPizza Hut wanted to establish its own market value in the consumer domain. When competition launched high-decibel PR activities, Perfect Relations identified specific communication material which would place emphasis on Pizza Hut's extensive menus. These were customized according to the Indian palate, apart from just pizzas, and also highlighted the exemplary service standards of Pizza Hut. The value behind the brand was strongly positioned. This gradually built the popularity of the brand and helped it expand its base to a 100 outlets across the country, making it a five-start product at three-star prices.



Saffola consistently introduces healthy cooking oil and foods, such as Saffola Gold, Saffola Tasty, Saffola Active, and many more. The objective was to communicate to the audiences Saffola's commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle, spread awareness about risk factors leading to heart disease. Perfect Relations leveraged this concern of brand Saffola through the platforms of International Women's Day, World Heart Day, as well as conducted independent researches to reach out to the target audiences, creating awareness about health issues. Today Saffola is renowned for its expertise in heart care and for consumer welfare, and has created its own brand value and positioning in the market.



KFCKFC, the well-known international quick-service restaurant chain was entering the Indian market at a time when MNCs were not welcome. KFC faced flak for using excess MSG (Mono -Sodium Glutamate) in its products, and for being detrimental to agricultural farming. KFC was forced to shut down due to negative publicity. To bring out the correct picture, Perfect Relations conducted an independent research and media campaigns to prove all accusatory claims hollow, and helped calm farmer and key decision-maker aggressions. The consumer outreach programs helped KFC re-open its outlets and expand to become one of the most popular quick-service restaurants.



MTV, a pioneer in the youth entertainment space, was launching its first soap series. Due to the primarily music-loving youth audience not being familiar with the cast, the acceptability of a soap series on this channel was not very high. Perfect Relations facilitated interactions with the cast, producer, director of the series, and highlighted their on-screen off-screen chemistry along with organizing media visits to the sets of the show. PR was the only tool used to leverage the visibility of the show, and Perfect Relations helped MTV successfully. The show went on to get an extension because of the soaring TRPs, and members of the cast are now identified as MTV stars.
For the Lycra MTV Style Awards, Perfect Relations helped MTV formulate a theme, and ensured media presence for the red carpet event. There was precision planning on event management to manage media expectations. Resource deployment was also ensured at critical points.



With over a hundred years of legacy, the Dabur Group is a respected family-led conservative business entity in India. There was a need to strike a balance between the brands of Dabur, Dabur India and raise the corporate profile. Perfect Relations identified the need for Dabur to be known as a contemporary brand that offers wellness through Ayurvedic products and their applications such as spa, and suggested the retention of a more traditional quality, in their products imbued with a modern approach. This corporate profiling was emphasized through society outreach programmes at local levels with Rotary, Lion, Good Living, Empress Club. The Dabur Wellness Foundation was created with a credible panel of spokespersons for a consumer interface in rural areas, as tremendous media potential outside metros was also recognized. Through leadership and corporate profiling programmes Dabur was able to build a more contemporary image with a focus on promoting non-intrusive health perceptions, and standing for well being/ good health.


Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland is the flagship company of the Hinduja Group that had a brand personality of being rugged and reliable. As the second largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India Ashok Leyland, still had a strong hold primarily in the Southern market. However, in the auto segment, the vehicle was not as glamorous as its counterparts. The brand route proposed by Perfect Relations was to follow activities centered on Performance and Leadership, Financial communication, Corporate Governance and Social responsibility. Perfect Relations' communication focus was on aspects of progressive technological advancements and highlighting the underlying superiority of Ashok Leyland over its competitors in the Northern region. High-decibel visibility was arranged through Driver Training institutes and other customer service initiatives such as AIDS awareness campaigns, and fuel efficiency (going green) campaigns were launched. These activities enabled a better understanding of how the company worked and also rated it high in the trust index, as a sensitive and responsible company amongst shareholders.


Hyundai, a largely popular automobile manufacturer was entering the Indian market with the launch of Santro, in the small car segment that was still dominated by Maruti 800, with no corporate profile. The objective was to create a high-impact launch with the impending launch of Matiz and Indica. Thus, to create a corporate profile Perfect Relations suggested the key message that showcased Hyundai's commitment to the Indian market. Media visits, experiential tours of the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, Technology, Design, Safety, Convenience and Lifestyle led feature stories were planted, along with dealer conferences, and auctions for army welfare fund were organised. Santro went on to overshadow other cars in the small car segment.


Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Lancer, a family car built by Mitsubishi Motors, was first launched in 1973. The launch of the car in India was faced by a few challenges in terms of its competition where the luxury car segment in India included Honda, Ford, and Opel. Though Mitsubishi is an internationally known brand, it was launching a redesigned new car in India. Perfect Relations was given the task of building momentum for the launch, and create expectation to motivate potential buyers. Roadshows across the country, in 30 cities were organised six months before the launch, during which the cars were showcased in transparent trawlers, to enable nationwide visibility and unparalleled database. Three months before the launch, home shows and office shows in the form of presentations, interactive CDs, and test drives were organised at the consumer's convenience.
Closer to the launch Perfect Relations' focus was to establish Lancer as the best luxury car for India. Mitsubishi Lancer received unparalleled visibility and awareness amongst the target segment even before the launch, and was voted the best new car in the sub-compact (luxury-car) segment.



BMW, the parent company of Rolls-Royce motor cars, is known for its performance and luxury vehicles, and is a global leader in premium car sales. 2007 was slated for the launch of the BMW car, but by 2005, BMW wanted to set up its manufacturing plant in India. The challenges faced were of FIPB approvals, along with competing with other cars in the luxury segment. Perfect Relations segmented the market to target the right audience and position BMW as a refreshing, younger and more attractive alternative with a sophisticate and more dynamic performance, as compared to the other luxury segment cars that were known to have a more mature branding. The communication thrust was structured and controlled to convey BMW's commitment to India. BMW became an aggressive player in the market segment, and was additionally successful for the reliability of its after sales network.


Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is a division of its parent company Daimler AG, and is one of the most well known and established automotives brand in the world today. Mercedes Benz engines are the most superior in diesel technology. The objective was to establish a clear connect between the rich culture, heritage and lineage of the country and the brand. Perfect Relations implemented a pan-India drive with all the seven diesel models of Mercedes and a photo op with the monuments in each city to make a Mercedes calendar, and a coffee table book, to create a local connect with the brand. The pan-India drive led to a good relationship of the auto specialist media and local media with the brand.



Skoda became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen group in 2000. The objective was to create excitement at the unveiling of Skoda Auto India's first SUV, Skoda Yeti, and amplify the capabilities of the compact SUV. Perfect Relations identified the media intelligence across all the publications for Auto Expo, and created teasers in a few media vehicles by using Yeti paw marks. The impact analysis evaluated after the Auto Expo proved Skoda Yeti to be amongst the top three automotives present.



Apple is largely popular in the consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers market. The company's best known products include the Mackintosh, iPod, iPad, and the iPhone. However, it was considered ideal for only design and creative users, whereas in India, essentially a price-sensitive market, the emphasis on 'design' was yet to come of age. Perfect Relations helped Apple surmount the price barrier by highlighting the brand's offerings as progressive, and the technology far advanced than those in use in India. The products were described as 'works of art', and 'fit-and-forget' machines, to counter apprehensions about service and maintenance. Product reviews on a proactive basis, feature articles, participation in industry features, and interviews were also enabled for the brand. Apple currently dominates the market, and is known for its superiority in terms of design and technology.



Motorola is a US based multinational company that manufactures wireless telephone handsets, and also designed and sold wireless network infrastructure equipment. However, the company was entering the market at a time when India was skeptical of MNCs, and the brand's alleged offer to buy out cellular licenses was unpopular with decision-makers in the country. The task for Perfect Relations was to steer Motorola clear of controversies, focus on positioning the brand as the world's leading wireless communication equipment manufacturer, and integrate Motorola in the Indian telecom milieu. The brand's strengths were showcased to reinforce its commitment to the country, along with an effective public affairs program. As a result, Motorola was perceived as part of the Indian social fabric, excluded from MNC-bashing controversies, and became synonymous with the latest and most advanced technological innovations.



AVG Technologies launched its services in India in June 2009. The free products were widely available online, and there were apprehensions about the efficacy of these free products. The brand was also a late entrant in the Indian market with existing competition offering similar products, thus it was difficult to create a strong differentiation. Perfect Relations adopted a three-pronged approach:
1. Educate users about the changing dynamics of the Indian anti-virus and security landscape.
2. Communicate the brand and product values
3. Differentiate AVG's products as being technologically superior
These were implemented through product reviews, personal interviews facilitated for the press, and proactive media outreach. Story pitches were centered around security specials, eg. on International Women's Day, and New Year festivities, to position AVG as a brand that cared for the welfare of its customers.



eBay is an online auction and shopping website that enables transactions of a wide variety of goods and services worldwide. Thus, the objective was project the brand as 'exciting' as compared to traditional forms of retail. There was also a need to focus on the growing importance of e-commerce as a serious retail option. Perfect Relations demystified the buying experience for users, and helped build a favourable image for eBay India. An eBay census was conducted to re-iterate the brand's growth story in India. It highlighted the trends from global eBayers buying from Indian entrepreneurs, and mapped online buying and selling behavior in India. The census was covered and featured in all publications extensively which encouraged buyer and seller engagement with the brand. The brand image was reinforced as a significant e-commerce player.


IBM Software Group

IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, and it offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. In India, however, the awareness levels of IBM software group were low, and Linux, as an open standard, was not widely popular. There was also constant aggressive competition to match up to. Perfect Relations' approach was to strongly position the brand as the premier software company in the world, and its support of open standards of computing. Focus areas, such as university relations, e-business on demand, e-governance and developer relations were identified, and campaign concentrated on coverage in key high-reach media to obtain mileage for IBM . IBM Software Group gained heightened visibility and there was increased awareness on all focus areas.


Dassault Systemes

Dassault Systemes is the world leader for Product Lifecycle Management software solutions (PLM). It revolutionised the process for designing and developing industrial products by offering a 3D vision of the entire product lifecycle, from initial design to maintenance. It makes products in the category of product design, digital manufacturing, product management and simulation. The challenges faced by the brand were of a lesser connect in the B2C segment as compared to a B2B. The strategy offered by Perfect Relations was to demystify and de-jargonise the technicality associated with the solutions offered by the company, and to emphasise, through mainstream media penetration, the change Dassault Systemes brings to the day-to-day life of consumers. Virtual drop tests were programmed and profiled in the media, the brand its technology as well as the key spokespersons of the brand were highlighted, and the brand was also known popularly amongst the B2C segment.



The Sony Group is engaged in business operations through eight key operating segments which include consumer products and devices. The objective was for a high decibel launch of Blu-Ray technology in the Indian market by Sony. As Blu-ray is a very sophisticated and new technology, there was low awareness, and PR visibility alone had to push the sales of the product. Perfect Relations gave global examples and comparisons to make a strong ground for the product, which resulted in a large number of product review requests from the technology media. The sales of Blu-Ray surpassed the defined targets without any above-the-line or below-the-line support.


Comverse Technology

Founded in 1982, the company focuses on providing value-added services to telecommunication service providers, particularly to mobile network operators. Comverse's extensive customer base spans more than 130 countries and covers over 450 communication service providers serving more than two billion subscribers. The need was to create an inflection point in Comverse's PR campaign which would garner B2C (mainstream media) mindshare. However, being a globally listed company there could be no disclosure of India centric figures/ statistics. Thus Perfect Relations helped Comverse create an image with the trade media, through industry story opportunities, spokesperson profiling, analyst relations, and industry forum participations, created mainstream awareness and attain mindshare amongst peers comprising of B2C companies such as service providers.



Nvidia has grown to become a world leader in visual computing technologies that also helps content developers create superior 3D content, and powering devices. With latest movie blockbusters and cricket matches being screened in 3D, consumers were flooded with uninformed plethora of choices, which gave rise to skepticism. Through the involvement of OEM partners, channel partners, Perfect Relations addressed the concerns of 3D availability, and showcased Nvidia's capabilities to reinforce their technological superiority. Media recognised Nvidia as a powerful player in the 3D market. Nvidia was positioned as the key industry driver of 3D technologies, from production to projection to consumption.



Google identified the advertising challenges faced by the small and medium businesses, as the cost involved was high, and only traditional mediums like the print media and television were popular. Thus, the objective was to popularise the vast yet unexplored online medium for the brand building of SMEs. Perfect Relations helped Google create connect with the target audience and the pool of media through media education programmes, and briefings in targeted cities. This facilitated a revolutionary change in stakeholder perception, and Google Adwords is known to be empowered with the knowledge of the online domain's advertising reach and benefits.



For the first time, YouTube streamed the mega cricket tournament - IPL 2011 - spanning 60 matches over 45 days. The objective was to showcase the YouTube - IPL tie-up as the first of its kind, and strengthen YouTube's India connect by highlighting its association with the much-awaited tournament in the country. Perfect Relations was called in to ideate on a high-decibel event. A themed event, promoted by a specially designed mascot, was organised targeting the media and the advertisers whose visibility had escalated through promotions in the live streams. The viewership surpassed millions across hundreds of countries, and the innovative technology used to live stream the IPL matches on Youtube was also highlighted.



Intex Technologies is a 15 year old Indian IT hardware and mobile handset company. Intex wanted to design a campaign that would not only introduce innovative products in the Indian market, but also bring out the social side of the company that thinks beyond business benefits. India's first phone for the visually impaired was designed that Perfect Relations helped launch through teaser campaigns, collaborations with NGOs and careful selection of the media to highlight the cause. Intex was successful in creating a buzz that talked about the consumer benefits and not just the product.


Tourism New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand's aim was to enhance awareness and brand preference to welcome visitors and promote culture through visibility in topical tourism led news, and thus, build the right associations with others who market to the same target audience profile to co-promote the destination, capturing topicality, organizing cricket tours, thus creating a win-win situation. Perfect Relations initiated co-branding activities with the existing clientele, and celebrity coordination to position the intangibles positively - in the fields of art, culture, media, social work, entertainment, etc. New Zealand was voted as the most preferred destination and received top marks for scenery, environment friendliness and safety.

Seychelles Tourism

The objective for Perfect Relations was to build awareness and aspirational value for Seychelles as tourist destination.  A sense of familiarity was created amongst the target audiences, for them to better associate with Seychelles. Seminars were customized for interactions with the leading players in the Indian travel and tourism trade. Significant interest and awareness was generated on Seychelles as a unique tourist destination. Several Bollywood film makers shot their films on the islands. As a result, Air Seychelles achieved a hundred per cent flight occupancy from the very beginning.


Hotel Imperial

Imperial wanted to establish itself as one of the leading five star hotels in India, and create visibility for the new attractions at Imperial, which would gain traction with the younger target audience as well. Perfect Relations conceptualized and implemented a high decibel campaign to create awareness around the heritage of the hotel and its patronage of art and culture. Hotel Imperial won two Tourism Awards in a row, and the consumer perception changed, attracting younger and wider clientele.


Singapore Tourism

The objective was to position Singapore as the Top Outbound Destination for Indian travelers, targeting the leisure, BT MICE and education verticals. Perfect Relations devised the promotion as a “SEE destination” to evoke an emotional connection through family bonding during soft adventure; encourage and provide knowledge enhancement and skill development. Singapore remains a popular low budget travel destination that provides for a holistic vacation for families, and is increasingly gaining ground on being a viable option for students looking at gaining global exposure through education.


Four Seasons Hotel

Spa and Rossano Ferretti Salon
The Four Seasons Spa wanted to be profiled as a complete health, wellness and beauty destination.  The various luxurious treatments were highlighted, and the luxury products used at the Spa were showcased through various initiatives by Perfect Relations.  The Rossano Ferretti Salon was positioned through the experience of the hair styling done and techniques that bore the signature style of Rossano Ferretti. Through both campaigns, Four Seasons was able to create its own niche as the best in the luxury spa and salon space.

Tallest Roof-Top Bar in India - Aer
The Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai was to announce its launch, and wanted to be placed as a sophisticated and chic social destination in Mumbai from the very beginning. Perfect Relations helped distinguish  Aer as a classic-contemporary open-air lounge with world class F&B and entertainment as the key consumer experience, through exclusive previews, a grand opening as a social event marking the launch of the bar.


Goa Tourism

The instances of crimes against foreign tourists had snowball into a crisis for the tourism industry in Goa, and it became important to showcase quick reactions and efficient solutions immediately. Perfect Relations was brought in to manage the communication campaign to put together a focused yet high impact programme. The major initiatives by the state government in the national and international media, as well as the digital space, were highlighted. Goa's lifeguard system Drishti went on to become a huge success, and it remains as a popular tourist destination that is a crowd puller especially during season, major events and festivals.